Our Global Giving Parternership with B1G1

We’re lucky enough to bring an exceptional dining experience to our audience with our amazing range of products, but are all too aware that access to basic nutrition is still such a challenge for many people all over the World.

That’s why we partner with the fantastic Global Giving Initiative, B1G1, to deliver giving gifts to worthwhile projects which help people bring sustainability to food production in their local area.

From providing seeds for crops to trees for planting all of the B1G1 initiatives which we support give people the opportunity to create a better nutritional future for themselves and their community and you are assured that every purchase from any of our online platforms results in this gift going to one of the amazing projects we support.

The widgets below show the magnitude of all our customers contribution to this incredible and successful initiative and we look forward – with our customers support – to supporting these projects for years to come.

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