Delivering Huge Benefits for Commercial Venues all Over the World

SteakStones products are used everyday in hundreds of commercial venues all over the World and are guaranteed to benefit your business by creating a fun and exciting way for your guests to cook their food live at the table, exactly as they like, whilst minimising the time spent on meal preparation and the risk of wrongly cooked Steaks being returned to the kitchen, all whilst increasing the speed of serve and satisfaction of your guests. Check out a selection of the amazing meals served by our partner venues here and see what SteakStones will deliver for you below:

What will SteakStones Deliver for you and your venue:

A way to stand out from the competition
Guests are increasingly looking for an experience when they go out for a meal and Steak on the Stone is a meal that rouses all the senses and delivers a highly memorable experience that will have your guests bringing back their friends time and time again.

A way to save costs in meal preparation
If Chef isn’t having to cook the main ingredient, you save time and money on meal preparation and your kitchen can then improve other elements of your food offering to elevate the entire experience of your guests and deliver more returning customers.

A way to upsell customer to prime cuts
A lot of our successful venues will only serve Fillet Steak on the Stone, not that the other steaks aren’t also great, but if customers want the Sizzling Experience and the only Steak available on here is the Fillet, then that’s what they will have and guess what, your margins improve.

A way to get your customers bringing their friends and family back more often
SteakStones do a better job than celebrity chefs at giving guests a reason to return. Because of the sensory experience, it sounds great, looks great, smells great and tastes fantastic and your customers will want to bring others to show off this great meal.

On this page our Commercial Calculator is designed to allow you to view some of our popular packages and accessories and get an idea of the costs of introducing this great concept to your venue. One of the many benefits of SteakStones is that all our packages are bespoke to your needs, so if you’re looking for something different to what’s shown, simply enquire with us and we’ll tailor make your order for you.

To use the calculator simply select the product and quantity on this page and we will suggest appropriate accompanying accessories from our great range on the next. You will then get an idea of costs involved in the package you like the look of and can either submit for further information or even purchase direct.